About Mi(mo)

Hi!  My name is Gabriela (everyone calls me Mimo) and I am so psyched about this blog.  I am a recent college grad who found a passion in creative writing a little too late (my last semester) and wanted to create a platform to share my stories, as well as inspire and help people grow as writers as I learn and grow alongside with you.

As I started working in the real world in the middle of starting a blog, my ambition and focus for this project went from 100 to 0 real quick.  Join me in my journey of finding a way to prioritize passions that don’t pay, and seeking joy in the little things.

A little about me:  I like soulful acoustic music, I have a really hard time finishing books, I have roots in Central America, and I dream of being a professor one day.  My biggest pet peeve is “one-uppers”- if you know you know if you don’t it’s probably you.

You’ll find four different sections in my blog:

  • Daily Prompts
  • Short Stories and Poems
  • Editing Process

I expect my main audience to be my parents and a few loyal friends who put up with my dream of being a writer someday.  Hi Mom and Dad.

If you have any questions about me or any of my stories please don’t hesitate to contact me at gabrielamimoblog@gmail.com

Happy reading, and happy writing!

Picture by Ariel Leon, Arielleon900@gmail.com