And with Six Words

“One time, when I was living in the Amazon…”

His once crystal blue eyes have lost a bit of their intensity, and his hands are bruised and wrinkled but still steady.

“We were in our raft, which we would stay in for days if not weeks at a time and my friend accidentally fell into the water.”

He reaches for his milk with coffee and takes a sip. As he sets it down his lips begin to curl at the ends, a smile about to break which makes me wonder if what he’s about to tell me is a joke.

“And he got eaten by piranhas.” He chuckles, shakes his head, takes another sip of his coffee.  That’s when I realize, he’s serious.

“Bueno buen provecho.”  And with the Spanish version of “Bon Appetite,” he stands up and retreats to the comfort of his chair that overlooks the forest.

I aspire to one day tell a story, that with just 6 words, leaves my grandchild shocked, stunned, intrigued, and maybe, just a tiny bit scared.


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