Writing prompt: use the word “paralian”

Paralian: (n) a person who lives by the sea

Jack was quiet.  He never quite knew what to say, and when he did, he didn’t know when to say it.  That’s why he took to his books.  His most comfortable place was always behind the pages of the latest novel he picked up from the used bookstore, that was so conveniently just around the corner from his house.  He flew through the pages, jumping into the stories as if his sole purpose in life was to soak up the characters and live with them, always imagining his own endings or characters jumping into his life…

He lived on the east coast in a small town just on the water.  The tourist town saw its busy days in the summer where all the shops would open to its unloyal customers and have to shut down in the winter.  From November to about March the town was desolate, empty, cold and lonely- just the way Jack loved it.

Jack carried around a tattered old notebook where he would scribble his ideas and write bad poems.  The endless books he read inspired him to mimic his favorite authors and always observe his surroundings to see where his next book idea would come from.  And although his life as a paralian never seemed to produce any time-worthy tales, that winter the ocean called out to him…

One lonely Sunday Jack left his home, opened his backpack and packed a blanket his book and his journal and went to his normal spot.  The beach was empty and the sky was grey.  This winter was particularly colder than int he past, and from his sanctuary, Jack observed the movement of the waves to be slightly different than they usually are in January.  From atop his reading rock up above the sand, the ocean began to concern him.  The wind of the waves demanded his attention and whispered to him “listen to the story I am telling, watch and you will see.”  Jack put down his book and quickly pulled out his black Moleskin and rushed to the next blank page.  The tides rushed in…


Photo by Mitch Mckee on Unsplash

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