Writing Prompt: Technology has taken over a huge part of our daily lives. Is this a good thing or bad thing?

Margaret just isn’t the same anymore.  She is supposed to come over again this year for Thanksgiving with Frank and the kids but heavens knows that it will be pointless.  Frank will spend the afternoon scrolling through his emails while he finishes the fresh bread I spent all day rolling and pressing, and I know Margaret will be flipping through her work computer while we sit in the living room waiting for the rest of the family to gather.  But it’s not like the rest of the family is any better.  I guess I just expected Margie to be different, she was always the personable and charming one out of my kids.  But the screens robbed her from her personality. 

When the kids were little Margie used to sit in my room and watch me get ready in the mornings before I left for work- she would ask me what I was putting on my face and if she could comb through my thick, shiny hair.  Margie also seemed to have skipped the teenage phase where they turn sour and continued being my sweet girl.  Her sisters were never quite as attentive and endearing as my Margie.  I guess I can’t be surprised the Kate and Anne’s faces are constantly lit up by the screens of their phones… But my Margie?  I can’t stand it.  That’s why I am considering just cancelling Thanksgiving.  I know I am old and that, may he rest in peace, George would just about die again if I didn’t have everyone back together for our treasured holiday…

If he was here now he would know just what to do. He would most likely put everyone back in their place- God knows he would be the first to snatch those dang technological light up bricks into the kitchen cabinet and pull out a deck of cards.  He would say something like “who needs a phone when you can play games with Gramps!” He would then tell jokes and make everyone laugh.  Margie’s laugh would be the loudest.  He would get competitive and end up losing just so one of the grandkids had the pleasure of beating Grandpa at poker.  He never used to make it obvious that he let them win.  That’s just how George was.  But he isn’t here anymore. 

I used to see so much of George in Margie.  Seeing Margie used to be something I greatly looked forward too because she was my missing piece of George- in her I saw him and felt his presence.  But now the technology haskilled George in spirit.  And I can’t stand to witness it.  So my decision is final.  Thanksgiving is cancelled and technology is the culprit. 


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